NMP recovery machine


Solvent recovery - using frozen - runner adsorption enrichment technology in the recovery of emission of organic solvents, organic solvent recovery was more than 95 percent: As coating machine exhaust air volume, low concentration, produced by Japan NICHIAS VOC concentration runner The emissions will be condensed to a certain organic solvent concentration, and then were condensate recovery, reduce recovery cost.
Waste Heat Recovery – use efficient energy-saving technology to reduce the coating machine energy consumption 70%: a large number of gases are ejected during coating process; its normal temperature is about 110 ℃ and at the same time a large number of fresh airs added to the coating machine.
We adopted advanced heat exchange runner and heat transfer technology to exchange heat with the fresh air which be added to the coating machine, to make the air in the coating up to about 84.5 ℃, so that coating machine heating energy decreased by 70 percent, while allowing access to the table cold air temperature dropped to 50.5 ℃.